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niyara&co established in 2021, we opened with a passion to provide unique and affordable south-asian influenced jewellery, jutti's and all things jazzy. Our go-to saying - we help bring the indo - to your - Western! A passion project soon turned into a side hustle! What keeps us motivated? Our customers, the people we meet, businesses that support us and we get to collaborate with. It just goes to show what an amazing small business community we have here in Australia and across the globe! The compassion and kindness that businesses show each other, honestly fills our heart with all the fuzzies! Our customers, where do I even begin. We are nothing without the support we get from our customers! You put faith in us and in our products, you let us style you, guide you, and you teach us how individual taste and style can be! We have met some of the funniest, sweetest and wittiest souls, from across the globe!


So, that's a bit about us - we're always happy to share more information, 'giving is loving.' DM us on IG or email us - - we're a bunch of chatterboxes that's for sure!


niyara&co - we're here to help you trend set, provide products that can be incorporated in western wear, without  sending you broke. Every product you buy, helps a skilled artisan stay employed, and fuels our passion project - niyara&co, bringing the indo to your western! Growing up and having to pay up for gorgeous products, was painful, so we aim to offer quality products at affordable prices! Every item we sell, we always always, ALWAYS think, how can you incorporate this into Western wear? We encourage you to do the same, to help keep the South-Asian culture alive!

So now for the most asked question, where did we get the name 'niyara' from? 

niyara in Sanskrit means, 'beautiful soul,' and that's what all of you are to us.

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